Blockwall for Shielding, Security and Critical Infrastructure (CI) Protection

Blockwall is a modular interlocking pre-cast concrete wall for perimeter site shielding, security, and/or protecting equipment and containers; that is both cost effective and easy to assemble.

One of Dufrane’s many Modular Shield Wall concepts uses our Blockwall™ outdoor product. Blockwall™ modules are essentially large, heavy duty, concrete building blocks which may be back filled with sand, gravel or earth to increase its shielding value. Ideal applications include Security Barriers, storage areas for large equipment such as Steam Generators during change out. The most common use is perimeter shielding for temporary on-site Storage Facilities, especially when used in conjunction with our Secure Environmental Containers.


  • Hollow precast concrete blocks that are assembled rapidly, on site, with very little manpower.
  • Interlocking modules in assorted dimension with maximum versatility for a wide array of shielding configurations.
  • Stable under high wind loads.
  • Hollow blocks may be backfilled layer by layer as the wall is constructed.
  • Minimal site preparation.
  • Blocks maybe disassembled and reused for other types of shielding needs.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • End result of a filled 4’x4’8’ block wall is a shield equivalent to 36″ of concrete or a lead equivalent of 7″


  • Each block is configured with 2 panels linked by perpendicular beams
  • Module Dimensions (most commonly used): 4′ high x 4′ wide x 8′ long
  • Weight of unfilled blocks: approx. 7,200 lbs. each
  • Walls may be fabricated using various thicknesses (4 to 20 feet in increments of 2) and heights of up to 24 feet

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