Highly-Diversified and Extensive Nuclear Expertise

A quick review of Dufrane’s Value Engineering Team page reveals an unparalleled level of diverse experience and expertise. DNSI capabilities extend well-beyond shielding applications. DNSI Value Engineering Team experiences includes:

  • Type B Shipping Casks – Lead / Steel and Ductile Cast Iron (DCI) Personnel are experienced domestically and internationally
  • Type A and IP Shipping Containers
  • TN-RAM Liners – Updated Lid Design for compliance with impact force distribution requirements of the TN-RAM CoC
  • Irradiated Hardware (IH) – Fuel pool processing, packaging, IH offloading operations at both EnergySolutions Barnwell, SC facility and Waste Control Specialists LLC in Andrews, TX
  • D&D – Segmentation of reactor vessel internals at Zion and humboldt bay, large component (Reactor Vessel Closure Heads, Steam Generators, Pressurizers and Turbine Rotors) transport and processing for disposal
  • Rigging and Hoisting Devices – Interface devices for cask handling, remote grapples for waste liners, modular shielding packages, D&D custom applications. DNSI personnel are experienced in NUREG 0612
  • Refueling Outage Experience – Decontamination, Radiation Protection, Mechanical Support, ALARA Engineering Reactor Vessel Closure Head Stud Tensioning and Turning, Large Component Disposal Support and Waste Management
  • Custom HVAC – HEPA and standard filtration
  • Spent Fuel Reprocessing – West Valley Operation
  • Contact-Handled and Remote-Handled TRU Waste Management
  • Disposal Site Operations – EnergySolutions Barnwell, SC Facility, Waste Control Specialists LLC and Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP)
  • Waste Processing Facilities – Frank W. Hake Associates, Duratek Memphis Processing Facility, Radiological Assistance Consulting and Engineering LLC, Studsvik, Bear Creek and Barnwell Processing Facility.