Cylindrical and Rectangular Canisters For Storage and Disposal Operations

Dufrane Nuclear Shielding, Inc. (DNSI) has worked closely with the management and operations personnel of Waste Control Specialists, LLC, (WCS) for the supply of containers used for temporary storage and long term burial of LLRW at its Texas Facility. This has been a successful and ongoing relationship since its onset in 2011.

Materials of construction are protective coated (optional) steel reinforced concrete. The density is rated at 150 PCF with a minimal compressive strength of 5,000 PSI after twenty-eight days. Re-bar is placed within 1 1/2” of the concrete surface. All exterior surfaces, except the bottom are prepared and painted with an Asphaltic coating.

We have also teamed with WCS to develop and supply a container designed for the storage of Irradiated Hardware.

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