Frisker Caves

The frisker cave is a smaller version of a small article monitor (SAM).  Providing an effective way to reduce background radiation and expedite the monitoring of tools and small articles at strategic locations within a facility, utilizing customers lead bricks.

Dufrane’s Frisker Cave allow employees to get an accurate reading of small tools and routinely used articles, and to cut down background radiation, and count time. Frisker Caves are an attractive stainless steel enclosure which are designed to allow the stacking of lead bricks, internally, along the bottom, sides, rear and top.

Frisker Cave Options:

  • FC-2: Provides 2″ lead shielding and utilizes 22 lead bricks.
  • FC-4: Provides 4″ lead shielding and utilizes 58 lead bricks.

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