Head Stand Shields

Dufrane Nuclear Shielding provides radiation shields such as outage products, modular walls, storage containers and transfer shields in a variety of materials. Specialists in High Density Concrete.

Dufrane Reactor Head Stand Shield ensures safety during inspection and maintenance of components. Our Head Stand Shields typically consist of four to six segments that create diameters of 13’-0″ or greater. Materials of construction for Reactor Head Stand Shields vary depending upon our customer’s specific needs.

Available design details for your consideration:

  • Segmented designs constructed of lead, encased within stainless steel or painted carbon steel shells
  • Stainless steel water modules
  • Concrete segments
  • Concrete Ball/Socket Modules

Typical components of Reactor Head Stand Shields:

  • Hinged access doors
  • HEPA inlet/outlet penetrations
  • Air sample penetrations
  • Plugs for all penetrations

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