Liner Centering Guide

The Liner Centering Guide is designed to be utilized in conjunction with the Dufrane, Secure Environmental Container (SEC), during loading operations for temporary or long term on-site storage. The Guide rests on the stepped top surface of the SEC Body. Due to its funnel shape, the Guide provides a radial offset which will direct the High Integrity Container (HIC) safely into the SEC under remote or severe weather conditions.

The material of construction is 3/8″ thick, 300 series stainless steel with a bead blasted finish. Six radial legs extend to the outside diameter of the SEC and include set down pads with neoprene gasket material to protect the concrete. Six additional gussets will provide increased stability. A three legged sling is provided for placement on or removal from the Secure Environmental Container.

A custom-engineered configuration is available for all storage and disposal containers.

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