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Turbine Deck Shields


Designed to shield the reactor turbine assembly from source radiation and help minimize radiation to personnel in adjoining areas. See photo below of our shop fit up test, prior to shipping the components.

Dufrane’s Turbine Deck Shields, Turbine Deck Pipe Shields, and Shields for Dust Collecting HEPA Systems are specifically designed to minimize radiation in adjoining areas. The modular design shields can be installed quickly and easily during an outage and will not take up valuable space on the turbine deck due to their configuration.


  • Steel plates and support beams on the exterior to provide maximum stability to extend the shield’s footprint over existing floor beams.
  • 5″ thick steel access door for instrument and valve inspection.
  • 5,000 lb steel door, which can be opened with ease by one technician.
  • Integral floor tie down angle and fastened structural members.
  • Reinforced concrete with 10″ thick walls
  • Two coats of epoxy paint.

For additional information,including the latest product cut sheets, please use our Contact Us page.

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