High Density Concrete for Shielding, Security and Critical Infrastructure (CI) Protection

Dufrane Nuclear Shielding provides radiation shields such as outage products, modular walls, storage containers and transfer shields in a variety of materials. Densities of up to 240 pounds per cubic foot may be achieved per our mix designs.

Security Barriers

Steel reinforced concrete units that are Dufrane’s solution to an efficient mobile barrier system. The modular interlocking security shields are available in 8’ or 10’ heights with or without a gun port. The module sits on a wide base of 3’ that can taper to either a 12” or 18” riser.

Wall Modules
Dufrane’s Wall Modules may be arranged to provide shielding for a variety of situations to include specific process operations, process equipment or LLW storage areas. A diversity of profiles and dimensions are available to best suit your needs for use indoors or outdoors.

Material of construction is steel reinforced concrete with a density of 150 PCF and 5,000 psi. minimum compressive strength after 28 days. All Shield Wall Modules are prepared and painted with two coats part epoxy, color beige. No coating is provided on the bottom.

High Density Concrete Bricks
Dufrane’s solution to the industry wide problem of irradiated lead bricks as a mixed waste at time of disposal is our high density concrete bricks. We have achieved densities of 225 lbs per cubic foot. Lead has a density of 710 lbs per cubic foot. Standard brick sizing is 4”x 6”x 8”, although custom sizes can be made to fit your specific needs.

Dufrane has recently provided the design, fabrication and installation of multiple High Density Concrete Shield Blocks utilized at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, NSLS-II building. As well as Multiple Beam Lines at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Spallation Neutron Source Facility.

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