Transfer Bells

The transfer bell attenuates ionizing radiation exposure while transfering a High Integrity Container (HIC)  or liner containing radioactive waste to an on-site storage container. Combined with a lid, the bell can also be used as a temporary storage container.

The function of a Transfer Bell is to safely move a LLW Container/HIC from the Waste Process Area to a Secure Environmental Container (SEC™) or other interim storage container, at the site’s interim Storage Pad, or any similar operation. The Transfer Bell assembly consists of two major components, the bell section and the lifting apparatus. A typical cross section of 11” concrete encased within 1/2” steel inner outer shells provides 2 3/4” of lead equivalent (Co60) shielding.

A similarly constructed Lid is provided to permit the Transfer Bell to be used as a temporary storage shield. The 78” diameter and 80” height to the Lid are usable internal dimensions suited for a nominal 200 cubic foot model, High Integrity Container (HIC). The vibratory compacted concrete is rated 5,000-PSI compressive strength at twenty-eight days with a density of 150 PCF. All surfaces are prepared and coated with a two-part epoxy system.

A remotely-operated steel option is also available, such as the Irradiated Hardware Transfer System (IHTS) located in the slide show above. The IHTS remotely transfers liners with dose rates up to 30,000 R/hr from the TN-RAM cask to a disposal overpack, known as an MCC.

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