200 years of combined staff experience in development and value engineering for the nuclear industry.

Established in 1985, Dufrane built its reputation partnering with utilities, national laboratories, government, and private industry to provide built-to-order radiation shielding solutions.

It is safe to say there is a Dufrane product in every nuclear facility in North America. As the industry has expanded, so has Dufrane. Our team now offers advanced material handling and filtration solutions that aid in radiation remediation.

The Dufrane Value Engineering Team‘s diverse experience ensures every project is reviewed from an interdisciplinary, cost-effective design approach, making Dufrane a turnkey solution to cost-saving initiatives.

What We Do

  • Nuclear Remediation

  • Custom Shielding Products

  • Custom Storage Solutions

  • Material Handling Products

  • Concrete & Stainless Steel

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