Value Engineering Team

Our Value Engineering Team has a vast diversity of experience in commercial nuclear power, Department of Energy (DOE) nuclear facilities and radioactive waste disposal site operations nationwide.
 Mo Palmowski, PE, Engineering Manager (35+ years of nuclear experience)

Mo brings over 35 years, Nuclear Power Plant, Industrial and Commercial Construction, Design, Engineering, Consulting, Nuclear Licensing, Maintenance and Operations.

Mo’s experience Includes:

•          Industrial, Construction Management and Oversight, Subcontractor Administration, Corporate Executive
•          Engineering and Technical Consulting
•          Project Engineering, Project Management
•          Plant Startup, Operations and Maintenance
•          Nuclear Licensing, Construction and Design
•          Florida Registered Engineer, (License No. 45964)
•          Florida Certified General Contractor (License No. CGC53491)
•          Senior Nuclear Reactor Operator (SRO) Training, completed
•          Shift Technical Advisor (STA) Training, completed
•          BS Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Clarkson University
•          OSHA 30-hr Safety Outreach Training Completed

Ward Brunkow, Chief Technical Officer (40+ years of nuclear experience)

Ward is a leading authority in the mission-critical areas of radioactive and hazardous material management and disposal.  Ward has participated in many successful projects throughout the world and has experience in private sector nuclear engineering, nuclear power generation plants, Department of Energy (DOE) facilities, academic and research institutions as well as the US Military (DOD). In addition to his deep knowledge of and experience in the U.S. Nuclear Industry, Ward has broad project experience in Canada, the U.K., The Netherlands, Germany and Russia, and has been Lead Author on (9) industry related published papers.

Timothy J. Tarbox, MS, Product and Business Development (30+ years of nuclear experience)

Tim has very diverse experience in commercial nuclear power and the radioactive waste industry, including decontamination, radiation protection, mechanic, engineering aide, emergency planning, project management and vendor technical representative. He provided oversight and project management for the processing and disposal of multiple large nuclear components including Reactor Vessel Closure Heads (RVCH), pressurizers, heat exchangers, spent fuel racks and steam turbine rotors. Tim also served as a project manager for the design and procurement of the Irradiated Hardware Transfer System at Waste Control Specialists LLC. Prior to joining Dufrane he served as a vendor technical representative for Siempelkamp Tensioning Systems GmbH, a German nuclear supplier of RVCH stud tensioning and stud turning equipment, which included training, procedure writing, performing preventative maintenance, critical path troubleshooting, and operational support in the reactor cavity at multiple commercial nuclear power plants.

Tom Baudro, BS, Design and Drafting (40+ years of nuclear experience)

Tom’s has extensive experience in the design, manufacture, testing and installation of elaborate components and systems. These components and systems have been utilized in DOD, DOE, commercial nuclear power and industrial areas. Several of these items have been patented.

His knowledge of manufacturing, as well as operational considerations of equipment and systems, has yielded designs which prove to be successful from initial installation. These systems have been utilized at various locations in support of critical operations, meeting design as well as operational criteria.

Chris Steffen, BS, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Operations Manager (12+ years of nuclear experience)

Chris is an Accomplished Senior Management/Project Manager with over 20 years of project management within the Construction field, Engineering, Quality Control, Financial Management, and Safety Management. Chris has extensive experience in the Nuclear Construction Industry, including the US’ newest National Enrichment Facility, DOE Labs, commercial, and residential sector.

He has an outstanding record of managing multiple multi-million dollar projects simultaneously and delivering on time and under budget. Notable accomplishments include the delivery of multiple Nuclear and Industrial construction projects totaling $250 million under budget and at a 17% profit margin with repeat client business for a period of ten years.

Steve Dodd, AS, Welding Subject Matter Expert (40+ years of nuclear experience)
Heavy construction industry professional with extensive experience providing direct and contracted shop/ field services for shop fabrication, field construction, maintenance of systems, structures and equipment used in nuclear and fossil electrical generation, petrochemical, industrial and commercial facilities. Well versed in industry regulations, codes and standards such as ASME BPVC, NBIC, AWS, ASTM, AISC, ABS, Mil Standards and 10CFR50 Appendix B/ ANSI N45.2 / NQA-1 criteria. Career functional assignments include:

ASME/AWS Welding Program Management –Procedures / Processes / Qualifications / Training

  • Fabrication Shop Operations / Field Construction Engineer – Mechanical / Structural / Welding
  • Project Manager /Planner/Coordinator/Supervision – Nuclear/ Fossil / Petrochemical
  • Quality Program Experience -Nuclear / Fossil / Petrochemical / Manufacturing
  • ASME/NBIC Stamp Surveys Preparation / Coordination
  • Quality Control – Mechanical / Structural / Electrical I&C/ Civil / NDE / Coatings /Fireproofing
  • Estimating / Work Planning / Facilities Maintenance/Procedures and Work Instructions
  • Component Certification / Data Report Preparation / Plant Turnover / Punch list
  • Subcontractor Supervision /Coordination

Jeremy Hampshire, MA, Senior Nuclear Technical Advisor (10+ years of nuclear experience)

Jeremy has extensive experience as a Lead Nuclear Auditor conducting nuclear quality control audits to 10CFR50 Appendix B/ ANSI N45.2 / NQA-1 criteria and 10CFR Part 21.  Prior to joining Dufrane he spent many years traveling the country qualifying engineering firms and manufacturers to produce safety related components for the existing and new build U.S. commercial nuclear fleet.  In addition, he has extensive experience working with the ASME engineering code requirements.  Jeremy spent a good portion of his nuclear career as a Nuclear Sales Engineer advising on obsolescent safety related and commercial grade component replacement. Jeremy completed the Exelon Reactor Operators Training Program and holds his certification as a Lead Nuclear Quality Control Auditor.  Jeremy holds an Associate Degree in Nuclear Power Technology from Bismarck State College, Bachelors Degree in Finance, and a Masters Degree in Economics, both from Walsh College. Jeremy has held membership in the Nuclear Industry Assessment Committee (NIAC) and the American Nuclear Society.  Most recently Jeremy has authored the book: Nuclear Engineering for the Power Industry.