MRP Systems – Interlocking Polyethylene Barriers

A Dufrane exclusive to distribute in the United States and Canada, these modular polyethylene barriers interlock on 4 sides, are lightweight for ease of assembly, and re-usable, making them a cost-effective shield to reduce worker exposure.

MRP Systems cost-effective molded polyethylene barriers are based around a hollow interlocking box, that can be filled with your choice of radiation attenuating materials. An excellent alternative to concrete, lead, or steel – these lightweight boxes (only 73 lbs. when empty) can be a permanent feature or as a temporary facility that can be dismantled and re-used at a number of different locations.

Available in the 3 basic forms shown, there are a number of other blocks available for special order.

Principle Features:

  • Cost-effective modular shielding
  • Hollow interlocking box is lightweight
  • Can be filled with water, sand, lead shot, or concrete
  • Interlocking on 4 sides to reduce streaming radiation
  • Blocks may be stacked 8 units high (6 meters)
  • Smooth exterior finish for easy decontamination

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