Drum Shields

Dufrane custom designs these drum shields to transfer or temporarily store low-level radioactive waste (LLRW). Made of lead and steel to offer maximum radiation protection, we offer a variety of ways to transport the drum from one location to another, and covers that may be rolled to the open position or be fully removable.


  • Retractable cover for top access to shield cavity
  • Removable top cylindrical section
  • Forklift or Crane hoist capacity
  • Independent lid
  • Security lock
  • Lid equipped with handles and/or lifting bar for mobility by forklift or crane
  • Choice of: durable stainless steel or painted carbon shell

Available Shielding Materials:

  • Stainless steel
  • Stainless steel or stainless steel encased lead
  • Steel or stainless steel encased steel grit
  • All steel, suitably coated

Cover Configurations:
Rolling covers are mounted with four, V-groove wheels. This configuration enables the cover to move along stainless steel tracks on the body top plate. The cover may be locked in the closed position and secured fully open by a plate and bolt arrangement.

Fully removable covers are provided with centering guide plates and swing bolts for quick and repeatable placement using an overhead hoist. This cover may also be designed to incorporate part of the shields’s body, such that the drum top is accessible to specific drum grabbers.

Shield Transfer Options:
Many methods are available to move a Drum Shield from one area to another. A combination of the following may be incorporated to best suit your handling requirements.

  • Lift lugs are best for overhead hoist use.
  • Fork pockets are suited for transfer with a fork truck or burden carrier
  • Heavy duty casters allow movement over a flat floor area. A combination of two rigid and two swivel casters are provided for maximum control along with a push handle.

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